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Technical Resources

Desktop Publishing - Computer Equipment - Computer Applications - Programming
Video Production - Audio Production - Post Production - Duplication - Photography

Desktop Publishing

writing, editing, layout, graphic scanning and manipulation, image creation, optical character reading (OCR), Internet homepage creation, audio embedding, video capture

Computer Equipment

networked PC system, central program/file server, full Internet connection, corporate Internet domain, PS laser printer, full colour (16.7M) 8½" x 14" high definition scanner (2400dpi), video processor

Computer Applications

word processing, databases, spreadsheets, graphics, charting, networking, dynamic linking


UNIX, DOS, C++, Visual Basic, SGML, HTML

Video Production Equipment

broadcast quality 3 tube camera and video tape recorder, time code recorder, full lighting kit

Audio Production Equipment

microphones, mixer, reel-to-reel and cassette recorders

Post Production Equipment

off-line video editing, electronic titles/graphics, sound recording, editing and mixing


audio - reel-to-reel and cassette; video - VHS, beta and U-matic (¾")


High definition digital cameras, 35mm cameras, darkroom, and dual slide synchronization

[Additional resources, such as sound and video studio facilities, on-line post-production and digital effects are available through sub-contract arrangements.]

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