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Michael Cowley-Owen is a nexialist*, working in the field of communication. He is actively involved in community development issues and occasionally runs for political office. As part of bringing up his four children, he is committed to promoting the quality of life he has found in rural living. In his spare time he owns and maintains a small tree farm, runs several at-home enterprises, and is attempting to really understand quantum mechanics, relativity, black holes and the BIG BANG, and their relevance, if any, to the Meaning of Life, if any.

*(a sort of generalist described by writer A.E. van Vogt in the 1950 science-fiction novel "Voyage of the Space Beagle")

You can receive his full Curriculum Vitae now (in Acrobat .pdf format).

Professional Services

Through Perfect Vision (Productions) Inc., Michael provides a wide range of business services, including web page creation and maintenance.
He also consults on and teaches communication, creativity and information technologies, such as the Internet. His professional profile is available to outline his achievements.

Community Development

Michael is an active participant in several locally based initiatives:
  • Community Emergency Response Volunteer
  • Companions of the Quaich
  • Glengarry Highland Games - Patron
  • Glengarry Pioneer Museum
  • Glengarry Place for the Arts

Personal Interests

In his spare time (if any), Michael has an eclectic range of interests:
  • Find out about the "SETI At Home" Project- The "SETI At Home" Project
  • Novell DeveloperNet
  • [EFC Blue Ribbon - Free Speech Online]- The Blue Ribbon Campaign
  • Church of the Apathetic Agnostic- The Church of the Apathetic Agnostic where our motto is "We don't know and we don't care." A web based church with members around the world.

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